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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer vacation is finally here.

I started teaching elementary school this year. I've loved spending time with the kids, but as they say, there are 3 main reasons to be a teacher: June, July, and August. (All joking aside, teaching is sweet, the kids are amazing, and I can't wait to see them all again in August. But we all love vacation!) Here's the rough plan:

  1. Go to Tuolumne. Climb domes. I hear it's sick.
  2. Visit the SF Bay area (fly back to SLC for a few hours for an interview)
  3. Go to Yosemite. Climb free routes. Long ones.
  4. Partner swap Zac for Caroline. She's cuter, but he makes good breakfast.
  5. Climb big wallz? Hope Zac doesn't get scared.
  6. Go to Canada. Climb free routes in Squamish. Sick? So I hear.
  7. Come home to SLC, then fly to VA to see family.
  8. Climb at the NRG in sweltering heat.
  9. Return home, and resume climbing on weekends in some of the greatest locations on the planet, but restricted to ones within 5 hours of SLC.

Partners in crime. See the connundrum?

So there you go, that's about 10 weeks worth of fun in the sun. Makes me wonder how I ever survived on just 2 weeks per year. Oh yeah, and I still get paid all summer.

Life. Is. Sweet.


  • At 6:41 PM, Blogger ERL said…

    As a school teacher, I am planning my summer too. I'll be climbing most of the summer at Lover's Leap in Lake Tahoe.


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